Terms and Conditions

To register, our online registration form must be completed along with a $600 CAD deposit.  On receipt of the registration and deposit, we will send you an email confirming registration.


$600 CAD deposit is due at time of registration and the full fee is due by April 15th.  After April 15th, the full fee must be paid at time of registration.  We accept both CAD and USD funds.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation prior to March 1st – Full Refund
  • Cancellation s from March 2nd April 15th - Deposits are non refundable
  • Cancellations from April 16th to the day before departure – Cancellation Fee:  $3800 CAD for Australia trip / $2200 CAD for BC trip.  If we are able to fill the vacated spot, we will refund all money minus the $600 deposit
  • Cancellation on day of departure or later – No Refund

To cancel from a program, a written notification is required by the parent/guardian.



The fees for the programs includes all accommodation, all activities arranged by Summer Safaris, all meals, all transportation and laundry during the program.

Although we do not expect to change the rates of our programs, if costs are to rise; such as fuel and fluctuation in the currency rate, we have the right to increase the fees.  We will contact the parent/guardian immediately to inform them of the changes.


Early Departure From Program

If the participant does not complete the trip, for any reason (personal, dismissal, medical, or other), a refund will not be granted.  All additional expenses, such as transportation, will be paid by the guardian/parent of the participant.  At no time, regardless of the reason for early departure, is Summer Safaris responsible for covering the extra costs of early departure.

Dismissal from Program

We reserve the right to dismiss any participant from the program that presents a safety concern, a medical risk, or acts in a way that negatively effects the group.  Behaviours that may result in dismissal from the program include: use or possession of drugs, alcohol or tobacco, intentionally leaving the group (i.e. sneaking out at night), sexual activity, stealing, bullying or acting in a way that negatively affects the group.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Property

Summer Safaris is not responsible at any time for lost, stolen or damaged property of the participant so please leave valuables at home.

Medical Form

Participants must have our medical form completed and signed by their parent/guardian to participate in the program.  After sending in the medical form, it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to notify Summer Safaris in writing of any medical changes that arise prior to the trip.


All medication – both prescription and over the counter, including vitamins - will be under the care of the trip leaders during the program.  Medication will be collected by the leaders at the start of the trip and returned to the participants on the last day.  Trip leaders collect the medication to ensure it is properly stored away from the participants and also to make sure the medication is being taken at the proper times.  The only exception to this rule is for inhalers or EpiPens (or any other medicine that is required for life threatening conditions).  For this situation, participants will carry their own medication and must bring two sets on the trip as we separate and duplicate; one with the participant and one with the staff.

Staff will have a written protocol from a physician regarding medication but administration of medication will not be done under the supervision of medical personnel.  Because of this, our trip leaders will not administer the medication.  Trip leaders look after the medications and monitor the use but participants must self administer their own medicine.

Travel/Medical Insurance

Participants must have travel medical insurance to take part on the trip.

Medical / Dental / Other Health Expenses

Summer Safaris does not hire medical staff on trips.  If a situation arises and the staff feels it is necessary to seek professional help for the well being of the participant, the expenses will be paid by the parent/guardian.  This includes medical, dental or any other health costs.  

Cancel or Changes to the Program

Summer Safaris reserves the right, without penalty, to change itineraries, accommodations, locations, dates or cancel the programs at anytime, due to operating requirements, improvements to the program or circumstances beyond our control.    If a change or cancellation of a program is necessary, the parent/guardian will be notified within a reasonable time limit of the situation. Summer Safaris is not responsible for any travel arrangements affected or costs incurred due to cancellations or changes of any tour.

Summer Safaris has a minimum number of participants required for each trip.  If the minimum number is not reached, the program will be cancelled to due to lack of participants.  In this situation, all money will be refunded and parents/guardians will be notified at least 45 days prior to departure of the trip.

If a change or cancellation to the program is due to force majeure (unforeseen events or circumstances beyond our control, i.e. natural disasters, fire, epidemic or health risks, war, riots, terrorist activity, strikes, political unrest) the following applies for refunds.  If this occurs prior to the start of trip, all money less reasonable expenses incurred by us in securing activities/accommodations/transportation will be refunded.   If this occurs during the trip, refunds will be on a pro rata basis for any unused days.  Refunds for unused activities / accommodations / transportations will be dependent upon the amount of money we can recover from our subcontractors and we cannot guarantee refunds for this.



Summer Safaris cannot be held responsible for weather conditions at anytime and refunds will not be granted on the basis of poor weather.


Parent/guardian will be required to sign a Summer Safaris waiver and well as waivers for the contract companies that we will be using for certain activities.
All information sent to the participant and parent/guardian is to be read as it contains information important to the trip.