General FAQ'S

What is included in the price?

All accommodation, activities (and any equipment required for the activity), meals, entry fees, laundry, and transportation during the trip are included. What is not included in the price is the transportation to and from the start /finish of the trip, personal insurance, and additional spending money for souvenirs, phoning home, extra snacks etc.

What is expected from me as a participant?

We except each participant to come with a fun and positive attitude and be willing to participate in most activities.  We expect our participants to show respect for themselves, the other participants and the leaders and be willing to follow the rules.

What are the rules?

Although we do not have a long list of rules, the following behaviours will not be tolerated: use or possession of drugs, alcohol or tobacco, intentionally leaving the group (i.e. sneaking out at night), sexual activity, stealing, bullying, compromising the safety of yourself, other participants or staff, or acting in a way that negatively effects the group.  Such conduct will usually result in the participant being sent home.

Do I need to participate in all activities?

No, you do not need to participate in all the activities.  Although we will always encourage you to try an activity, we do support the 'challenge by choice' philosophy so it is up to you if you would like to take part in the activity.

What are the meals like?

We eat fresh healthy food.  The majority of our meals are prepared by the leaders but occasionally we do eat at restaurants for dinner.  We have worked with a dietician to ensure the food we feed you is both healthy and delicious. We do accommodate for vegetarians and gluten-free diets. For other special dietary needs, please contact us.

May I bring a cell phone?

Yes, you may bring your cell phone, however, there are restrictions and it can only be used at certain times. We have restrictions to ensure that people are not constantly being distracted by their phones.

What is the accommodation like?

We stay in a variety of accommodation styles, from resorts to hostels. Much time has been spent to ensure that all accommodations are very clean, secure and in prime locations.



What type of transportation is used?

Participants on the BC and Vancouver Island trips travel in minivans.  Participants on the Australia trip travel in minivans or Toyota Commuter vans (12 passenger), depending on the number of participants.  All luggage and gear on every trip is transported in a seperate cargo van and we never use 15 passenger vans.

What will communication be like once the trip begins?

Participants will have many opportunities to call home as well as email.  If any problems arise, we will contact you.  If you would like to get in touch with your teen on tour you can either call them directly (cell phones are allowed on the trips), send us an email which we will pass on to them, or leave a message on our office phone (it will be checked daily during the trip).  You will also be provided with a 24 hour emergency contact number that you can use in an emergency situation if you neeld  to get ahold of your teen immediately while they are on the trip.

Are the activities safe?

Safety is our number one priority and we have an extensive risk management plan in place.  We use only the most reputable companies for our activities and instill a culture of prudence and good decision-making while on tour. However, as with any type of activity there is always a risk that cannot be eliminated. If you have any questions regarding the safety of our program or would like to learn more about our risk management plan, please contact us.

Do you arrange flights?

We do not arrange flights. The flight arrangements are up to the participant as this allows for more flexibility with flight plans. However, if you need some assistance in booking the flights, we would be happy to help.

Who will be at the airport to meet my teen?

We will be at the airport to meet your teen at 'Arrivals'. We will contact you when your teen is with us. On departure day, we will escort your teen either to security or to their departure gate (if their airline allows it).  We wait at the airport until their flight has departed and then notify you.

What is supervision like?

For the majority of the trip, participants will be under direct supervision by a leader. There will be times, however, where participants will be allowed to have some freedom.  Participants will always be supervised anytime they are in the water or taking part in a contracted activity.  To learn more about the supervision of our programs, please contact us.